A busy pre-Christmas week

Club Members’ Christmas Dinner

IMG_0635Forty seven places were set for the dinner, held on Saturday 12th December, and a great evening was enjoyed by all despite being frequently plunged into darkness by the electricity tripping out. A visit by a couple of young men from the National Grid, clearing a branch off the overhead supply behind the Club, gave some of the women an extra reason to remember the evening!

IMG_0653IMG_0641This event is the most important of the year in raising funds to pay the Club’s annual standing bills and thanks are due to all who participated, especially the many volunteers who helped prepare the food and made the evening run smoothly.IMG_0649


Christmas Hamper Draw

The draw was held on Friday 18th December, with twenty three members attending and enjoying a small buffet, mulled wine and drinks from the bar. 219 numbers were in the draw. The winning numbers were drawn by the Club President.

1st Chrissy Dietz (105)

2nd Cara Davison (10)

3rd Sylvia Eaton (8)

Building Work and repairs


The Club’s entrance gets a make-over

Between the above two events, paving slabs were laid along the western wall of the Clubhouse, including at the “new” main entrance. Adrian Green did the work, which was largely paid for by a Woolley Hill Wind Farm Community Fund grant which was obtained through the Parish Council.

It is hoped that less gravel, and other debris, will get into the Clubhouse on members’ feet, thus helping to preserve the refurbished interior in good condition for longer.

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