Make a Summer Fabric Bag sewing course

Nine ladies and their sewing machines joined Amanda Cox in the Clubhouse for a six hour course to “Make a Summer Fabric Bag”.


Patterns had been issued in advance so pieces could be cut out ahead of the course.

Good progress was made by all, with completed bags being taken away at the end of the day, though no-one could keep up with Sarah who managed to finish two bags during the session.


Energy levels were¬†sustained through the session by some of Amanda’s home baking, and home made tomato and lentil soup with freshly baked rolls was offered for lunch.

100_1486With enthusiasm growing, there are likely to be further sewing events later in the year following discussion which included the questions “what shall we make next?” and “can any of the men sew?”.

100_1489Over £90 was added to Club Funds from this event.

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